XCIment – Auto XCI file renaming tool| How to rename XCI files?

How to download ROM XCI As we know, a Nintendo Switch console is cracked by a Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS. To operate Switch games for free, you must download Switch ROMs in XCI format. So, where to download free .XCI ROMs to crack Switch 5.1.0 ? Today you can find a solution.

XCIment – Xecuter SX Pro’s auto XCI file renaming tool

Version 1.2 (Pending Release)

  • Improvement: Add more logic checks to see if a given file is already correctly named, and skip processing if it if is. (This is make it run significantly faster and lets you update a folder as you get more .xci files instead of renaming them all over again.)
  • Improvement: Check for duplicate file names that start from different original names (different regions have same internal name from the header, and results in naming conflict if you own the same game in different regions)
  • New Feature: Support for finding .xci files within sub-directories (Request)
  • New Feature: Support for directory creation for each file, so the .xci file is stored within its own sub folder. e.g. : /This Is The Police/This Is The Police.xci (Request)
  • New Feature: Add ability to sort the files by the three main columns (Alphabetically, reverse alphabetically, and by status)
  • New Feature: Support for drag & drop of folders containing .xci’s and single .xci’s onto the main window to be processed
  • New Feature: Adding a settings option that replaces “Fast Mode” on the interface. Fast Mode will be a setting within a new window. This allows more options to be implemented and organized.
  • New Feature: Add “Undo” feature to reverse the rename of a selected item or all items (In case there was an error….this is mostly for me)
  • New Feature: XCI Validity Checker. Check to make sure the files you’re working with are valid and complete! (What?…you got it from some where sketchy?…well feel safe knowing!)


– Batch processing of .xci files using internal header data (Defaults with Fast Mode Though, See Additional Information Below)

– Settings file for quick re-use

– Also handles individual files easily


1. Have a directory/folder prepared with only .xci files in it (Has not been tested yet with a folder that has something else in it)

2. Open XCIment and click the top center button and navigate to the folder containing the files you want renamed

3. Each file will automatically be selected, prepared for renaming. To exclude files from being renamed, just unchecked them.

4. Click proceed, and they will automatically be renamed.

5. To handle another directory with .xci files, simply click cancel, then repeat steps 2-4.

Additional Information:

Fast Mode (As seen as a setting in the upper right) will rename files based off of a scene name supplied rather than looking up internal header information.

Significantly faster, but less accurate if your .xci file isn’t a bbb release. NOTE: Requires internet for Fast Mode! This downloads a copy of nswdb’s xml file!!


Pending github and source release…have to make one. See attached in the mean time

You can download the file from here: https://gbatemp.net/attachments/xciment-v1-1-zip.130632/

What is the purpose of XCI ROMs?

This is XCI Reader which is published by NicoAICP to dump the games of a cartridge of the Switch. Infact, various groups have relaunched tools for ROM dumper of a Switch cartridge in XCI format, and now @NicoAICP has assembled an XCI reader for themselves with extracting or injecting a CERT, now with a Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS, everything is perfect for hacking a console of the Switch.

The XCI Reader reads ROMs Switch in XCI format and gets the information. You can extract, inject or just display ROM information, it’s like CTR for Switch!


  • Get the serial number, ID, firmware required, region of nswdb.com
  • Get ROM size and check if it is cut or not
  • Get the size of the cartridge
  • Get the SHA256 and CVC32 (CVC32 when you load the ROM, the program will take a while to load)
  • Extract or Inject a CERT

To play the games of the Switch with a Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS, you must download the XCI ROMs. It’s already confirmed by the official website of team-xecuter.com:

Q: In what ROM format for the Switch?

A: The game ROMs currently available in the release groups are compatible as is. Copy the XCI files to the root of your Nintendo Switch microSD card so that SX OS can find them.
That’s a file format, as we have to download the 3DS ROMs for a Sky3DS + or Stargate 3DS card; and when using an R4 3DS card, you have to download NDS games.

How to download ROM XCI ?

It’s very simple, first of all, you can search the words on google.fr, like download Splatoon 2 XCI, there are many results, you can choose a good place to download it.

And the site 3ds-paradise site is a good choice for you. So, how to have free XCI games on 3ds-paradise? Here is a tutorial for you:

Please open this page: http://3ds-paradise.com/viewtable.php?id=73

You can find that there are many games of the Switch.

At first, you should register on this site and we will show the easy tutorial to download ROMS from this site on the below



You have to rename the .XCI files using XCIment software, this is a tool to change the name of the Auto XCI file.



  • Have a directory / folder prepared with only the .xci files in it (has not yet been tested with a folder that contains something else)
  • Open XCIment and click on the top center button and navigate to the folder containing the files you want to rename.
  • Each file will be automatically selected, prepared for the name change. To exclude files from being renamed, just uncheck them.
  • Click Continue and they will be renamed automatically.
  • To manage another directory with .xci files, simply click cancel, and then repeat steps 2 through 4.


Additional information:

The fast mode (seen as a parameter in the upper right corner) will rename files based on a provided scene name rather than searching for internal headers information.

Significantly faster, but less accurate if your .xci file is not a bbb version.

NOTE: Requires Internet for FAST MODE! This downloads a copy of the nswdb XML file !!

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