Which supports the latest homebrew&emulator on Nintendo Switch, SX OS?

Today, Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest consoles on the video game market. He brought a huge success with millions of copies sold for the Big N. Of course, he at the same time removed the eyes of hackers, finally a group of the hack that is named Team Xecuter completely hacked the Switch and we offer two products as the best hack solution on the Switch so far. Yes, these are Xecuter SX Pro and Xecute SX OS, it allows you not only to launch game backups, you can also use it to install a hombrew on your console. Therefore, you can enjoy both free games and various applications. Is not that a good thing?

About the Nintendo Switch hack recently

As you know, why can we hack Nintendo Switch? This is because the Nintendo Switch has the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, or a flaw is in the Boot ROM. It is an exploit linked to the Nvidia Tegra chip installed in the console, and it is impossible to bridge. Because of the use, it is easy to make a modchip on the console by starting in the RCM mode.

Today, the famous Xecuter team, which is a hack group with a long history of defeats on other consoles announced that it was working on modchips to hack Nintendo Switch in order to install a CFW a long time ago. At present, it’s the only company that is preparing to produce a flashcard for Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the latest version of the CFW SX OS V1.3, you can easily play free games of all genres and launch hombrews applications on all Switch consoles, any version.

Nintendo Switch Homebrew

On the other hand, what is a hombrew? Homebrew generally refers to software that is not licensed by Nintendo. This includes tools, applications, games, home-made emulators.In the beginning, if your console is in version 2.0.0 – 3.0.0, launching homebrews is 100% free simply by using the internet browser. hombrew compatible with Ninendo Switch launches version 3.0.0 Earlier firmware versions can be updated to 3.0.0 with a game cartridge.

Later firmware versions may block future updates in order to ensure access to future exploits If your console is in 1.0.0, you can run homebrews with a Japanese copy of Puyo Puyo Tetris S. However, with the launch of Xecuter SX OS, we can simply run the hombrews on our Switch any version, including the latest version 5.1.0.

How to run an emulator and homebrew launcher with the CFW by Xecuter SX OS

In short, it’s very simple. To start Homebrew Launcher it’s very simple, you go to the cfw (so launch the payload without maintaining the volume + button). Once you are on the menu of your Switch, launch the Album by holding the R button. And here you are on Homebrew Launcher! Now to put homebrews, just put them in the ./switch/ folder of your SD card! Of course this requires you to add the following files to your MicroSD card: Homebrew Menu.

If none of your homebrew appear, check that your folder structure is correct. If it still does not work, try reformatting your MicroSD card on a Windows computer

The last homebrew published

Tinfoil: The @adubbz Developer is working on a Homebrew named Tinfoil that will allow you to Install and manage your games in * .NSP format without going through DevMenu (Nintendo DevKit program) via LayeredFS.

InvaderNX: The developer MaesterRowen makes us discover his HomeBrew InvaderNX. It’s a port of a Space Invaders type game that MaesterRowen wrote for the Xbox 360 scene. MaesterRowen also tells us that the project has always been a learning project, so he hopes others can use the source code and that he can learn from it.

SudokuNX: The developer Zetadesigns has just presented his new homebrew for the Nintendo Switch and as the name suggests this homebrew is an open-source Sudoku game for the Nintendo Switch.

Characteristics :

- Random Sudoku creation.

– It detects when the Sudoku is resolved.


Certainly the Switch scene is very active lately, today I present you a new Homebrew named EdiZon which has long been in WIP and which is finally completed. Developed by thomasnet and WerWolv, EdiZon is a Switch Backup Manager and Editor that can be launched directly from the Hbmenu. It has a very intuitive interface and easy to handle

Rekado 1.2: The developer RenosGrante has just published on his Github a new update for the application Rekado .Celle-civa allow us as NXloader to inject payloads on the console.The main difference with NXLoader and Rekado is the possibility of Quickly change the payloads you need by pre-loading them. You can choose any payload once the USB cable is connected to your Switch.

DeSmuME-NX v0.0.3: A few months ago the developer Laproxi made us discover his emulator Nintendo DS soberly named DeSmuME-NX out on a lot of our consoles portable and salon.This emulator is now available on Nintendo Switch. a few days ago Laproxi made us discover its new update 0.0.3.

Shotoku l v 7:

A few months ago the developer SimonMKwii released his software named ShogunTool. This software will allow you to find more information about a Nintendo Switch game from its TittleID, its name or its NSU ID. You will be able to find for example the metas-data of the games, screenshots, to know if DLC are out.

If you would like to know more about the other previous hombrews applications, click on Hombrews Applications here.

Nintendo Switch Emulators

Here we will talk about emulators used on a Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch emulator for PC-Yuzu.

Homebrew Nintendo Switch means that users can download and run many free third party applications, tools and games on the game console. So far, a lot of homebrew emulators have appeared on Nintendo Switch, covering platforms such as the NES, the SNES and even the Atari Jaguar. Everything is shown working in RetroArch, a popular emulator pakage that brings together different applications under a unified interface with a focus on accurate performance.

For now, RetroArch is compatible with this pirated Nintendo Switch, but that does not mean that everything works perfectly. Far from that, actually. In addition, the hacks work for the central work of RetroArch available from January 14, 2018.

In addition, you can also play the classic DOOM on the console without any problem. The technological capabilities of the console are very well used here and other consoles will also follow.

Emulators available on Switch:

  • Snes9x 2010 (SNES)
  • Snes9x (SNES)
  • Virtual Jaguar (Jaguar)
  • Next VBA (GB, GBC, GBA)
  • Picodrive (Genesis, MegaDrive, master system, 32x, Sega CD)
  •   Practice (Atari Lynx)
  • Yabause (Saturn) [Slow]
  • Alpha FBA [Slow]
  • Desmume (DS) [Slow]

Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In January of 2018, the yuzu team was formed of several Citra developers, and the decision was adopted to publish the project publicly. As an emulator, the yuzu is currently at the beginning of its development and is only useful for the reverse development of switch engineering and homebrew. Yuzu’s official website calls it an open-source “experimental” emulator. In addition, he built the version available for PC, Mac and Linux. The project is “in its infancy” for now, but it has very big goals on the horizon.

If you would like to install hombrew on your Nintendo Switch by SX OS, here is a video

In conclusion

As everyone knows, the product of “SX Family” is the best solution for hacking Nintendo Switch until now. If you would also like to play free games and enjoy homebrew apps on your Nintendo Switch console, it is a good choice to buy Xecuter SX Pro or OS from our website Sky-3ds.com, we can do the shipping for you at the speed the faster, there is no longer a worry for you to make a purchase from us. Take action, please, do not hesitate to go to our site.