Xecuter SX OS / Pro does not work? How to solve these problems to better use on Nintendo Switch.

Today, Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS are the best solutions for cracker Nintendo Switch. Until now, I believe there are several users have received his products and tried it on the console. If you’re lucky enough to run the free games perfectly by installing a CFW from SX OS on your console, that’s fine. But have you encountered any problems with the use? This is really a big concern for players who are rushing to play games. Here is an information guide for SX OS issues, you may find a solution here.

To note, all my opinions are the personal advice, despite that I have already consulted the team xecuter, but it’s a new product that is launched not long, it has a powerful but imperfect capacity, there are certainly defects Natural product, his team are working to patch them. Of course, you should respect first according to the user manual on the official website of Team Xecuter. Until now, there are five problems often mentioned:

1. SD Cards – Information about SD cards and their reported success / failure to play games:


NOTE: If your console can not read ROM games after normally installing a SX OS CFW on the Switch, in case of error, it may be a problem with SD card. Problems with your SD card when running SX OS, or you get a game card error, please check your SD card.

  1.     First, format your SD card on the console of the Switch instead of the computer, if in the PC, it is impossible to read your ROM games .XCI by the SD card.
  2.     If there is no problem of formalization, because your card could be a fake with software like H2testw. follow this video as a guide. What will happen here is that your computer will see the advertised capacity (say 128GB), but the card may actually be a 32GB modified to appear as a 128GB card. On your computer it will will appear that you have a capacity of your memory card and your ROM games are copied to the root of the card, but anything that is not actually stored on the card, so it will not show up on the system. SX OS. Please try aborted if your card is real before reporting SD card errors.

2. Setup – Problems installing SX OS CFW, unable to properly configure, activation, etc:


  •  Boot.Dat? : The Boot.Dat file is already downloaded, but the CFW of SX OS does not work yet

Solution 1: Make sure Boot.Dat is placed at the root of the SD card

Solution 2: Try reformatting your SD card using your computer, insert it into the Switch console and format it again, then re-add all the files. The problem could be the format on the map.

  •  I have not yet received my code (SX Pro): How can I start the games?

 Solution: The license code is linked to the USB dongle of SX Pro, simply switch to RCM mode with the dongle enabled and Boot.Dat files at the root of the memory card. This will give you the choice to activate online with Wi-Fi, or take a file from your computer to activate via the official Team Xecuter website.

  •  Can I use multiple SD cards: My card is too small and I would like to use multiple cards with the same license.

Solution: Yes, the license is related to the console. Simply copy the Boot.Dat into the new map. Please remember that you must restart in CFW each time you change your SD card.

  • How to re-enter the SX OS Menu? (Mainly on Auto RCM): If I would like to remove Auto RCM, run OFW or execute other payloads, how can I do that?

Solution: Hold the volume + while you boot cold when entering RCM, this will activate the menu again.

“Server response error or a lost license_request.dat”: it is impossible for Auto RCM and continue to boot in RCM mode, but the payload can not generate the file license-request.dat on the SD card or accept the SX OS license key once started and selecting the album. So there is an error like that.

Solution: This could be solved using a non-OSX system.

3. System crash – Information about errors that lead to blank screens, frozen system and other crashes.


  •     The system freezes / black screen: This can happen when using homebrew, and if the software crashes, or the console goes to sleep, it seems that there is a brick software.

 Solution: Hold down the power button for 10 to 15 seconds to stop completely and try to turn the console back on. Note: If you have Auto RCM, you must use the dongle or computer to boot, otherwise you will have an empty screen again.

  •     Homebrew Running Slow: Even though when other CFW / Payloads run the same Homebrew very well.

 Solution: This seems to be due to the last minute implementation in the first firmware version. We will have to wait for an update to optimize, or currently for Homebrew Intensive Tasks, I recommend using the Dongle / PC / Phone to use a Payload for Homebrew.

  •     Battery exhausted: Even though the level showed only 29%, and you need to recharge again.

Solution: There is not yet a solution used so far

  •  Unable to access SX OS or Auto RCM: (Note: this is mainly the case when Auto RCM is installed) The console seems to remain frozen / in an empty screen, and even if you hold down the power button and try to start cold, charge.

Solution 1: Remove your dongle and charge it using a USB Type C backup battery or supplied cable for about a minute, until you hear it when it is charged. Then try rebooting cold afterwards with the dongle. If there is no load, it will not be able to make a noise start the CFW, and that will leave you with an empty RCM display.

Solution 2: If you are using a computer, try a different USB port because your driver may have crashed and you will not be able to access the payload, and you will be stuck on the empty RCM screen.

4. Problem of games or loading of backups


  •     Fat32 Split XCI does not work (for systems with lower firmware): the games will not appear or will hang on loading.

Solution: This is the problem of older versions of XCI-Cutter (<2.4.2). For all those who have not used an older version, 2.4.2 should work without problems: https://github.com/Destiny1984/XCI-Cutter/releases

Card Games 2 does not work: Games like Sushi Striker (Type 2 Cards) is not supported by SX OS

 Solution: The latest version of SX OS 1.2 has been released, and Type 2 cards will now work, please update.

  •     Game does not display: XCI game added to the root folder, but the game does not appear on the backup loader screen. (It was with a Japanese Trimmed Bayonetta 1 card)

Solution 1: Try renaming the .XCI file first, removing any special characters and keeping the name as short as possible. This can interfere with the game appearing.

Solution 2: Try to make a second backup. If the first one was cut, try to keep it intact and see if it changes the result.

Solution 3: Try to transfer the games one by one instead of several at a time. This can create problems due to fragmentation of the file during a mass transfer

Solution 4: Avoid using Linux or OSX (Mac) because they could fragment the file transfer. – Based on user reports

Solution 5: Try reformatting your card to Fat 32 or exFat, then reformat your switch. Caution: SAVE YOUR LICENSE FILES FORWARD!

5. Problems regarding online – Connect online, download updates, play online etc.


  •   Please note that online use could lead to a ban on the system, use at your own risk
  •   A user reported being banned, and it seems that the trigger was that he was downloading updates to SX OS rather than to OFW, once you have in the system of a SX OS CFW, does not do like below :
  1.     Do not use the eShop service, you could download the games or enjoy other online services only in OFW to avoid being detected by Nintendo
  2.     Do not play backups of online games, there is a big risk of ban




It is not all the problems concerning the use of Xecuter SX Pro or OS, they could encounter additional errors or problems using the product of ‘SX Familly’ in the future. Of course, you should first buy an SX Pro or SX OS from a legit reseller, like our website Sky-3ds.com, if you have encountered other situations where there are some faults on this item, please tell me. We could try to improve our service to help you buy a linker game