Xecuter SX OS V1.3 available and tutorial for you

The Xecuter team’s maj V1.3 SX OS is available for download at sx.xecuter.com. As a reminder bone Xecuter will allow you to use your Backups and homebrew on the MicroSD card of your Nintendo Switch. To update, simply replace the boot.dat file in the root of your microSD card, it’s really easy.

Changelog of this new V1.3 OS

  • Add LayeredFS support
  • Add eShop support NSP
  • Add low battery reconfiguration at startup
  • Hide OSX Temp files in the game selection menu
  • Delete eMMC lock

In short, there are two most anticipated features on this new release.

  • LayeredFS support that will allow you to modify the content of the game (for example to modder a game!)
  • Add eShop NSP support

Opinions about V1.3 SX OS

It seems like a perfectly safe and easily reversible hacking challenge that we have put in place for aspiring pirates has been disproportionate. We are sad to see so many false statements on the Internet and to avoid other false accusations and “false news”, we decided to get rid of it. ”

The function is not perfect.We do not break the ass to code an irreversible brick system to prevent the piracy of his product just by “challenge” to ” budding pirates “… they ate the criticism and they do not take it, it’s obvious …

How to use SX OS V1.3 to play free games at the first time.

If you have already run the OS license for your switch, you just need to change the V1.3 firmware with the next 1.2. But if this is the first time to use the OS license, follow the detailed tutorial below.

Step 1: Prepare the SD card and tools

1. Insert your microSD card into your PC

  • If you are in 1.0.0 to 3.0.2, format it in FAT32
  • If you are in 4.x.x and higher, format it in exFat

2.Download SX Loader

3.Download SX OS V1.3

4.Unpack the SXOS archive

5.Copy / paste the payload.bin and Boot.dat files to the root of your microSD card

6.Download TegraRCMGui

7. Insert your microSD card into the Switch

Step 2: Enable RCM Mode

Start TegraRcmGUI.

NB: you will probably need to install the driver. To do this, connect your Switch to RCM mode before installation

Plug the Switch into your PC

NB: without the joycons!

Turn it off!

Switch to RCM mode Via 2 methods:

NB: it is necessary to make a circuit-circuit at the right Joycon rail between pin 1 and 10

With a trombone:

1. Take a paper clip

2.Cut out with cutting pliers so that it looks like a U

3. Place the (in the direction of a U upside down) in the notch at the bottom of the right joycon rail

4.Make contact between pin 1 and 10

With a JIG

Slide it into the rail to make contact between pin 1 and 10

Once done, launch your Switch in RCM mode.

Press and hold the Volume + button and press the power button briefly. Hold down the Volume + button for a few seconds.

NB: If you do not see the logo Nindendo display after 2/3 seconds, your switch was successfully launched in RCM mode

Step 3: Bootter Custome Firmware

the SX OS license

1. TegraRCMGUI tells you that you are in RCM mode

2.Select the payload.bin

3.Click on Inject Payload

And then, follow the steps like even advances.You will have to activate your license.

Have fun with free games.

1. Insert the microSD card into your Switch

2.Switch on your Switch either via the Dongle method or without RCM mode

  • Get the license, Go to the Team Xecuter website, https: //sx.xecuter.com/Browse
  • Select your file License-request.dat

  • The License.dat file is created and then the copies in the microSD card root.

3. Click Boot custom CFW

4. Click the Album applet

5. Your games appear. Enjoy!

You can buy the SX Pro and the SX OS license on SKY-3DS.com