We all can download 3ds or ds games to play on 3DS,NEW 3DS,2DS and old DS consoles. How and what do we need? Read here! 

Notice: From May, SKY-3DS.COM will offer Micro sd card with pre-downloaded R4 and Sky3ds+ firmware, also ds and 3ds roms are included in. So if you buy R4 3DS or SKY3DS+ with any micro sd card, you will get the one let you use on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS consoles directly. We always on the way to provideo best service to You!

3DS/DS Game Download


3DS Game Supported Card

SKY3DS+: This one is the latest Sky3ds version, new 3ds card in 2016, supports 3DS Games with the best compatibility and the easiest setup,very suits for lazy 3ds gamers, flashcard newbie and kids.

gateway 3ds

GATEWAY 3DS: This one with powerful functions besides support 3DS Games, like Emunand, Dump genuine card, Downgrade 3DS Firmware, .CIA Files, Homebrews, Region Free and more. But notice that it's working just on NEW 3DS/3DS V4.1 TO V9.2 and more complicated to use, be careful when operates.

DS Game Download Site

The DS Game Roms for R4 card we provide up to 1000. Though not as much as 3DS one, it's rather enough for any R4 Card with 32gb sd card. If you ever search and download DS Games from Google, you can find it's much easier to find ds game resources compared to 3ds games. So this kind of game it not our main goals.Certainly, if you have the DS Game Rom which we don't support for now, welcome to share with us, so you can have NEW Serial Code for another 10 Times . Really nice, yeah.

DS Game Supported Card-R4I SDHC RTS 3DS

r4 3ds

There are a lot of R4 Cards you may find in the market. But in our site, you only can see R4I SDHC RTS 3DS card. Because we only sell the Best one to bring most enjoyable using experience to customers. We do not recommend other similar ones with various problems. However, it's not meaning R4I SDHC RTS 3DS is perfect, this one simply with the least bad comments and all R4 functions.