Sky3ds, the first 3ds flashcart which claims itself can be used on 3ds v11.9.0-42 and all lower versions to play muti 3ds games.What's more,the sky3ds with blue button can support over 10 3DS Games on NEW 3DS/3DS/2DS. Welcome to buy sky3ds from us, you can enjoy the fastest shipping,the best price and the rom download service.




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Sky3DS Flashcart is a new 3ds flashcart from www.sky3ds.come. It supports run 3DS Games on N3DS V11.9.0-42 and any N3DS console.It also works on all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP). In addition, it supports multi roms to allow users to play unlimited 3ds games at one card.

Compared with other 3ds flashcarts like Gateway 3ds, MT-card, 3dslink and r4i gold deluxe, sky3ds is so special because of no need for kernel/firmware and without any 3ds firmware limitation. It is cheating 3ds system to run on 3DS as a geunine game card, much easier to use and more smoothly to play 3ds game.

SKY3DS card tested working well to support 3ds games on 3DS 11.5.0-38. Will it support NEW 2DS XL(LL)? The answer should be Yes.

Things you should know about SKY3DS:

  1. It's confirming that SKY3DS works directly 3ds v11.9.0-42.(03/12/2018).
  2. It's confirming that SKY3DS works directly with Ninjhax 2.6 on firmware 10.7.0-32.(03/15/2016).
  3. It's confirmed, SKY3DS works greatly with Ninjhax 2.0 for loading homebrew and region free games on firmware 9.9.0-26.(07/20/2015).
  4. It's confirmed! SKY3DS can support the newest update - V9.9.0-26 U/E/J. (07/13/2015)
  5. It's confirmed!  Sky3DS works greatly with the Smea's regionFOUR to support any region games on NEW 3DS/3DS 9.8 and 9.2.
  6. Sky3DS has been confirmed that it works perfect with the Smea's regionthree for supporting Region Free on 3DS V4.0 to V9.4! (01/17/2015)
  7.  A new FAQ for SKY3DS has been listed here for your reference.  (01/06/2015)
  8. SKY3DS can support the 3DS(XL) V9.7.0-25U/E/J directly to run 3DS Games. (12/12/2014)
  9. The new SKY3DS card with blue button removes 10 games limitation and can support unlimited 3DS Games for the moment. (12/10/2014)

SKY3DS for 3DS Games:

  • Support 3DS Games with no game limit
  • Support Region Free via working with a 3ds exploit regionthree/regionfour
  • 100% Multi-rom support.
  • Support any 3DS system version(including the newest V11.9.0-42U/E/J).
  • Support all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP).
  • Play 3DS game smoothly like a real gamecard(with all saving,load,online game, etc..functions).
  • Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64,128GB SDHC cards.
  • Plug & Play, easy to use.

SKY3DS First use Guide and Problems:

1.What you should do when insert Sky3ds card into 3DS in the first time?

Power on your 3ds console, insert sky3ds card to the slot carefully, in the first time, you can't find any game icon displayed. The blue led is blinking all the time. Then, take out sky3ds card, re insert it to 3DS, you will see the blue led lights and starts to flash, when it stops, there is the first game icon appears on the screen, which means the ame save data has been read EEPROM normally from MicroSD card. So, you can enjoy the first game now.

2. How to change 3ds games to play with Sky3ds bllue card?

The whole progress is not just as simple as one sentence can describe. Only if you put right 3ds roms into sky3ds micro sd card, you can switch among them one by one. In the normal situation, press blue button one time when the 3ds is stay on the main menu, don't hold it for a long time, just press,leave and wait,until you can see the blue light flash in a short time, then stop, it's ok, you will see the next game icon, and can begin to play it.

3. Reasons and Solutions for can't switch to another game on sky3ds?

In some cases, sky3ds users say that they only can play the first game and the blue button can't work. The 2 major reason lies in the sd card or the roms you download. 

  • If you press the blue button, then blue light blinks all the time not flashes quickly, try to eject your sky3ds and take out the micro sd card, insert them carefully again to your 3DS, it shoud work and you can change to another game after our testing on sky3ds cards.
  • If you still can't switch to another game, download 3ds games from other sites,make sure the rom is fitting for sky3ds, or you can try with a new micro sd card, Sandisk brand from us is a good idea. We test all our sky3ds card with this type sd card, work with no problem!

SKY3DS Compatibility:

  • For 3DS Console: Suppor ALL 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS and NEW 3DS LL from any region in the world.
  • For 3DS System: Support 3DS V1.0 to 3DS V11.9.0-42 without any update.
  • For 3DS Games: Support Cross-Region 3DS Games for now and will update its Template file constantly to play more 3DS Games.
  • For Micro SD CardCompatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB SDHC cards, feel free to order from us if you don't have one.

SKY3DS Download Center:

  • Sky3DS DiskWriter V2.03b4 [30/12/2015]

Change logs:
1. Fixed some tiny bugs.
2. Added "backup save2" to convert saved data for Sky3DS+.

  • Sky3DS updated template file  [01/25/2016]

Change logs:
1.Fixed some bugs.
2.Latest games: 

CTR-P-AYWZ =1436 - Yokai watch EUR
CTR-P-BP8J =1424 - Shantae - Kaizoku no Noroi JPN
CTR-P-BZHJ =Hyrule Warriors Legends JPN
CTR-P-AYWK =Yokai watch(KS)
CTR-P-AK2K =Kunio kun 2(KS)

CTR-P-AK4J =1387 - PriPara Mezase! Idol Grand Prix No.1!(JP) 
CTR-P-BFLJ =1416 - Monster Strike(JP) 
CTR-P-AK4J =1426 - Aikatsu! My No.1 Stage!(JP) 
CTR-P-AYNJ =Z067 - Mario & Luigi RPG - Paper Mario MIX(JP)

CTR-P-BTSP =1420 - Story of Seasons EU 
CTR-P-BTSK =Story of Seasons(KS) 
CTR-P-BX2K =Project X Zone 2 (KS) 

CTR-P-ADNZD3A =1383 - LBX_Little_Battlers_eXperience_READNFO_EUR_MULTi3_3DS-PUSSYCAT 
CTR-P-AR6P22E6 =1389 - Rodea_The_Sky_Soldier_EUR_MULTi4_3DS-PUSSYCAT 

CTR-P-BBTD55F5 =1367 - Bibi Und Tina Das Spiel Zum Film v1.1 (Germany) (Ge)
CTR-P-AGFP90A1 =1373 - Gravity_Falls_Legend_Of_The_Gnome_Gemulets_EUR_MULTi5_3DS-PUSSYCAT
CTR-P-BFNP1FDA =1375 - Adventure_Time_Finn_And_Jake_Investigations_EUR_MULTi5_3DS-PUSSYCAT
CTR-P-AYWE4B49 =Yo-Kai Watch [USA]
CTR-P-BUSEE271 =1361 - The Smurfs US

CTR-P-BSGJ2F13 =1332 - Asonde Shogi ga Kyoukunaru! Kane Hoshi Shogi DX JP
CTR-P-BKQJ48D3 =1333 - Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! Game Demo Kyun Moe MAX ga Tomara Nai JP
CTR-P-BTYJDB23 =1334 - Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi - Yui Rail-Hen JP
CTR-P-AULJF540 =1345 - Atelier Deco la Doll Collection JP
CTR-P-ADBPBCD =1261 - Nintendogs-and-Cats-French-Bulldog-and-New-Friends EU
CTR-P-BLNXAC64 =1338 - LEGO-Ninjago-Nindroids
CTR-P-BY5E5DD0 =1354 - Are-You-Smarter-Than-a-5th-Grader US
CTR-P-BDVP97C2 =Dragon_ball_z_extreme_butoden_EUtemp

CTR-P-BWNJB46B =1162 - Wannyan-Pet-Shop JP 
CTR-P-AWAJ318D =1177 - Pilotwings-Resort JP 
CTR-P-ANRJCB71 =1228 - Star-Fox-64-3D JP 
CTR-P-AQEE949D =1259 - Legend-of-Zelda-Ocarina-of-Time-3D-The US 
CTR-P-AQLI85B3 =1260 - LEra-Glaciale-4-Continenti-alla-Deriva-Giochi-Polari EU 
CTR-P-ADAP5499 =1262 - Nintendogs-and-Cats-Golden-Retriever-and-New-Friends EU 
CTR-P-ADCJ3DAA =1271 - Nintendogs-and-Cats-Toy-Poodle-and-New-Friends JP 
CTR-P-BTMX4D43 =1302 - LEGO-Batman-3-Beyond-Gotham EU 
CTR-P-BLJX9BD =1346 - LEGO-Jurassic-World EU 
CTR-P-AF2D7FD =1347 - FIFA-12 EU 

CTR-P-BM5J6748 =1252 - Minarai Majo to Mocomoco Friends 
CTR-P-BFCJ8FCD =1253 - Nashi-jiru Action! Funassyi no Yukai na Ohanassyi 
CTR-P-AKJJ717B =1295 - Kaitou Joker - Toki o Koeru Kaitou to Ushinawareta Houseki 
CTR-P-BTUJDA76 =1299 - Chou Tousouchuu Atsumare! Saikyou no Tousou Monotachi 
CTR-P-BKTJC7F0 =1305 - Hello Kitty to Sanrio Characters World Rock Tour Hello Kitty & Friends - Rock n' World Tour 
CTR-P-AZUJ88BB =1308 - Dasshutsu Adventure - Zetsubou Yousai 
CTR-P-AWJJF81A =1312 - Wannyan Dobutsu Byouin - Suteki na Juui-San ni Narou! 
CTR-P-BNYJ7265 =1313 - Nobunaga no Yabou 2 
CTR-P-BH3J35E4 =1316 - Hoppe-Chan - Punitto Shibotte Daibouken! 
CTR-P-AVRJ5FCE =1320 - Bonbon Ribbon - Tokimeki Coord Kirakira Dance 
CTR-P-AH5P5318 =1341 - Monster High - Skultimate Roller Maze (EU) Rev1 
CTR-P-BL5P61CD =1342 - Skylanders-SuperChargers-Racing EU 
CTR-P-BTNPC0D7 =1343 - Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Master-Splinters-Training-Pack EU 
CTR-P-BL5EA98 =Z053 - Skylanders-SuperChargers-Racing US 

CTR-P-BNUECB58 = SenranSakura2DeepCrimson US
CTR-P-BT7KA37F = taigo(KS)
CTR-P-BRXP58BE =Hatsune_Miku_Project_Mirai_DX_EUR_3DS-PUSSYCAT
CTR-P-BFDPA119 =1335 - Etrian-Mystery-Dungeon EUR
CTR-P-BNUPB4F9 =1137 - Senran_Kagura_2_Deep_Crimson_EUR_3DS-PUSSYCAT
CTR-P-BFRJB710 =Famicom Remix Best Choic JPN
CTR-P-BRXE9222 =Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX (US)
CTR-P-BARJ92A7 =MonHun Niki-Poka Poka Ailu Mura DX JPN
CTR-P-AXCKB678 =Super Smash Bros (KS)
CTR-P-ADNP6756 =1330 - LBX-Little-Battlers-eXperience EU
CTR-P-ADNEAC3C =1328 - Danball Senki Baku Boost / LBX - Little Battlers eXperience US
CTR-P-BQ8J9843 =Dragon Quest VIII - Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi JPN
CTR-P-AGPE9BF9 =1322 - Garfield-Kart US
CTR-P-BPLE546A =1323 - Paddington-Adventures-in-London US
CTR-P-BSJJ9BA2 =1314 - San Goku Shi 2 JPN
CTR-P-BG5J8D92 =Go! Princess PreCure Sugar Oukoku to 6-nin no Princess! JPN
CTR-P-BSRJC746 =Super Robot Taisen BX JPN
CTR-P-AHRKA469 =Fossil Fighters Korea
TR-P-ADBP8CA =1317 - Nintendogs-and-Cats-French-Bulldog-and-New-Friends EU Rev2
CTR-P-ATLP7DC4 =1319 - Tetris EU Rev1
CTR-P-BM9E9CE =Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold The Fafnir Knight 3DS USA
CTR-P-BMAP3363 =new-super-mario-bros-2-special-edition_EU
1306 - Lucky-Luke-and-The-Daltons EU
1283 - LEGO-Jurassic-World USA
3DS1303 - LEGO-The-Hobbit (Spain)
3DS1301 - LEGO-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean-The-Video-Game Rev1
CTR-P-BYBJ2811 =Yo-Kai Watch Busters - Shiroinutai JP
CTR-P-BRGJAF5F =Langrisser - ReIncarnation Tensei JP
CTR-P-BUSPEC31 =1300 - The Smurfs EU
CTR-P-BYAJ3D61 =Yo-Kai Watch Busters - Akanekodan JP
CTR-P-BDGJ116E =Daigyakuten Saiban - Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken (Japan)
CTR-P-AA8K2547 =LegoCity Korea_TEMP
CTR-P-BCREB268 =Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy Plus (USA)_temp
CTR-P-BFZJ47EE =Fire Emblem If JPN
3DS1293 - I Love My Dogs
3DS1294 - I Love My Cats
1281 - Wreck-It Ralph
1290 - Garfield Kart
1291 - Paddington - Adventures in London
1292 - Yakari - The Mystery of Four Seasons EU
CTR-P-BFYJ2BB3 =Fire Emblem If - Anya Oukoku Fire Emblem If - Black Kingdom JPN
CTR-P-BFXJDE48 =Fire Emblem If - Byakuya Oukoku Fire Emblem If - White Kingdom JPN
1247 - Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan - Airport Hero 3D - Haneda All Stars (Japan)
1272 - Tribe Cool Crew - The G@me JPN
1275 - Tetsudou Nippon! Rosen Tabi - Ohmi Tetsudou Hen (Japan)
CTR-P-AY6A3D78 =1254 - Code-Name-STEAM-Lincoln-VS-Alien JPN
CTR-P-BCPJ94 =Corpse Party - Blood Covered - Repeated Fear JPN

CTR-P-AX8A985F =Dr. Mario JPN
1282 - LEGO Jurassic World
1280 - Dragon Ball Z - Extreme Butouden JPN
1232 - Tomodachi Life EU
1264 - Super Mario 3D Land (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Ru) (Rev 2)
Puzzle Dragon Mario US
Code Name - S.T.E.A.M
Xenoblade Chronicles (USA,EU,JP) Only for NEW 3DS
Bravely Second - End Layer JPN

SkyTempIDEdit is enable you to build the specific template file for online game with your own private header.

SKY3DS card user instruction

  • Restore single game save data from PC:
With your sky3ds on 3DS, switch to other game(not the game you need to restore save data), and poll out the microSD card , insert with adapter to connect with PC. Open Diskwrite tool to do single game “Restore Save”option from one of your“.sav”files, insert Sky3ds with microSD card into 3DS Slot, press red/blue button and cycle to the game(you need to restore save data one) and enjoy. 
  • Restore all games save data: 
Open Diskwriter tool to do “File”->“Restore Save data”, save file to PC , insert Sky3ds with microSD card into 3DS Slot.
  •  Before you change to new MicroSD Card or delete game save data: 
If you currently have game save data saved in SKY3DS, and you want to change to another new MicroSD Card, you should press the red / blue button to switch to next game, the game save data will be saved from the EEPROM memory to the SD Card.

NEW SKY3DS Package and Region free on 3DS 11.9:



By Summer A. on 16 Aug. 2018 :

Title : Value for money
Comment : extremely great customer service.

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By Sampath M. on 14 Aug. 2017 :

Title : Thanks for telling me there is a new card!
Comment : I thought this is the latest version Sky3ds, but later received your e-mail to tell me there is the sky3ds+ which is better to buy. Thanks much, I would like to change to the sky3ds+ and send you the price difference.

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By Jonathan C. on 16 June 2016 :

Title : Works perfectly
Comment : Works perfectly. Thanks for this amazing product.

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By Karen L. on 16 June 2016 :

Title : Love it!!
Comment : The packaging and speed of delivery was right on! It works well on my 3DS!

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By Timothy . on 08 Apr. 2016 :

Title : Thanks for changing my order!
Comment : You are so nice guy, e-mail to me that gateway card can't support 3ds 10.7 and introduce me the working 3ds flashcarts. I prefer to buy this sky3ds version, it is released for a long time and more cheaper.

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By David C. . on 22 March 2016 :

Title : Sky3ds card for sale?
Comment : Do you have the promotion for sky3ds blue button card? I want to buy 3 to 4 cards. I believe the old sky3ds is more stable, sky3ds+ is too new to use. Replay: Yes, i can give you the big discount on the sky3ds blue version cards. We can talk in e-mail.

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By Ammya G. on 03 March 2016 :

Title : NEW Nintendo 3DS XL 10.6
Comment : I'm on the latest NEW 3DS XL 10.6.0-31u. The Sky3ds card is supporting 3ds games directly! Confirmed and share it to you all!

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By Jalin C. on 30 Dec. 2015 :

Title : Nice guy and shop!
Comment : Your sky3ds card is really working wonderful on 3ds 10.3, i can play most of the games just with an added micro sd card! Nice product, i will order another for you little bro as well.

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By Paul M. on 06 Dec. 2015 :

Title : THE BEST
Comment : I like it a lot works flawlessly.

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By Mauro M. on 27 Nov. 2015 :

Title : Nice product
Comment : The product in itself is really good, tho I have problem in switch from one game to another and I didn't receive my code to enter to your site of roms so I have to download them from other sites. Please send me it soon.

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By Justin C. on 11 Nov. 2015 :

Title : Mine is 3ds 10.3.0-28E
Comment : Wonderful, the card runs well on my 3ds xl 10.3.0-28e, i will also try to make it play other region games with hax 2.5. Do you have any idea?

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By Bruise L. on 24 Sept. 2015 :

Title : Can't believe, you are also shipping from France!
Comment : Placed an order and you e-mailed me that the sky3ds card could be shipped with la post shipping. Very excited and i have received the post yesterday, thanks!!!

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By Iron L. on 10 Sept. 2015 :

Title : 3ds v10.0 firmware, send me this card only from USA!
Comment : Like you advertised on the site, please ship the sky3ds to me via USPS. I need it very urgently.

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By Selander M. on 25 Aug. 2015 :

Title : Thanks, i understand it finally!
Comment : You are so professional to tell me the storage of sd card when be used with Sky3ds Diskwriter. And i finally figure it out. After use the sdformatter, i can see my sd card with nearly 14gb rom space. Highly recommend your service!

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By Chile W. on 12 Aug. 2015 :

Title : Can i get the latest version sky3ds?
Comment : Please send me the latest sky3ds blue card. I need it before the vacation, how many days does it take?

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