Gateway 3DS + 32GB Micro SDHC

32GB Micro sd card with Gateway 3ds supports 20 to 60 3DS Games in different sizes more or less.Gateway 3ds ULTRA Firmware released,supports playing 3DS Games on 3DS(XL) V9.2 or below version to V4.1. You are recommended to buy Gateway 3ds with 32GB Micro SDHC card for playing so many 3ds games on Any V4.1-V9.2 3DS XL and 3DS console.

Gateway 3DS + 32GB Micro SDHC



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What is Gateway 3DS and its Functions?

The Gateway 3DS is the world's first real 3DS flash cart released by Gateway 3DS team. Gateway 3ds has one blue card and one red card. Gateway blue 3ds card is for playing DS games and works with DS/ DSi latest system. The gateway red card is gateway red 3ds,is for playing 3ds games and at present can just work on 3DS V9.2 and lower version. Gateway 3ds supporting Multi-roms, E-shop games, 100% Game Compatibility (pokermon x/y, Animal crossing...),Game Card Dumper and so on.

  • All 3DS Games support
  • Compatible with 3DS/3DS XL/2DS V4.5 to V9.2
  • Multi-rom support
  • Multi-rom Menu support
  • EmuNand V9.4.0-21((emulate 3ds latest firmware on old firmware 3ds)
  • exFat & Fat32 support
  • NAND based rom support
  • Game cart backup
  • On board diagnostics
  • Clean Boot region free system
  • Back up system Nand

How to choose Micro SD Card for Gateway 3DS?

Gateway 3ds supports up to 128GB Micro SDHC card and Selects games in Menu at the same time. So, you would better buy Gateway 3DS with larger capacity microSD card to play More 3DS Games! That is meaning, for choosing micro sd card to 3DS Gateway, the larger size, the better. Whatever 16GB SD card and 32GB SD card are good choices for Gateway 3ds, the biggest difference is that with 32GB micro SDHC card, users can put more 3ds roms into the card. The gap in price is just 7$, so if you have many 3DS Games lies to play, 32GB Micro SD card is recommended highly.

Gateway 3DS FAQ

Q: Can Gateway 3DS supports on NEW 3DS/ NEW 3DS LL?

No, it can't. The support for this has not yet been released due to whatever reason. The team is still working hard on it.

Q: How to use Gateway 3ds on V4.1 to V9.2 3DS(XL)?

For 3DS V4.1 to V4.5:Simple opearation as usual, cracking 3DS by using Gateway 3ds blue card, for more details, here is the guide. For 3DS V4.6 to V9.2: A new way for cracking 3DS to enter in GW Mode by the Brower exploit. Make sure you do as the tutorial shows.

Q: What should I notice when using Gateway 3ds on 3DS V5.0 to V9.2?

In order to avoid getting the 3DS update nagging, only turn on your wireless connectivity when you open the Internet browser, and add the link to your bookmarks. This way, your Internet doesn’t have to be on for very long.

Q: Can I downgrade My 3DS?

Yes, Gateway 3ds with Ultra firmware supports downgrade all 3DS consoles from any versions and regions with System NAND version V4.5+ back to v4.5. But it is a dangerous thing to do on your 3DS, Not recommended.

Q: Is Emuand still working with Gateway 3DS Ultra?

Yes, it is working and you will be able to update your emuNAND to 9.7 and it will still work fine.

By David H. on 10 March 2015 :

Title : Question
Comment : I've heard that the card also supported DS Games, so what can I do to play ds roms with the Gateway? Blue card or red card? You can e-mail me the guide, can you?
(Gateway 3DS + 32GB Micro SDHC)

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