Sky3ds+ Plus 32GB Micro SDHC

Give you the 32GB sd(Pre install games and firmware) and 100% working Sky3ds+ card. Sky3ds+ Plus need to work with micro sd card to play Multiple 3DS Games. 32gb sd card with Sky3ds+ is the best combination. It have enouh space to store the 3DS Roms and you won't waste the memory space too if you choose larger one. Don't put too many 3ds games into the card at one time!

Sky3ds+ Plus 32GB Micro SDHC



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Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds Plus

Sky3ds+(sky3ds plus) supports 3DS Games better than Blue Sky3ds card. It is updated with new features and functions, supporting NEW 3DS Games, Homebrews, Two buttons for changing 3DS games and upgradable Firmware. All this means that, you can play More 3DS Games, you can run Homebrew softwares/tools/games and you can use this card Much Easier than before. Plus, the Sky3ds+ is only 10 dollars' expensive than Blue Sky3ds card, recommend you buy this one in 2017 and 2018 to play Free Nintendo 3DS Games.

Pros of using SKY3DS+ to play 3ds games:

  • Drag & Play, the easiest 3ds card to use for 3DS Games. 
  • Multi-rom support, one Sky3ds+ with micro sd card let you play various 3DS Games freely.
  • AP Check solved, sky3ds+ can be used to play Monster Hunter 4, Animal Crossing-Happy home designer, Fire Emble IF and more others directly.
  • Support run unlimited 3DS Roms with MicroSD 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB SDHC cards.
  • Support any 3DS system version(including the newest V11.8.0-41).
  • Support all New3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP).
  • Support Homebrews, Online play,upgrade,wifi connnect and all features of retail game card.
  • Support add/delete games you want, restore/backup game and game data.
  • Support share the game archive files on different 3DS/3DS XL console.

Is 32GB SD Card the best choice for Sky3ds+?

Yes, not the 16gb, 64gb or larger micro sd card choice. But the Sky3ds+ with 32gb sd card is the best combination. Why? Here is the reason.

A special feature of sky3ds+ is that users must press the orange buttons on sky3ds plus to change games. That is to say, if you put 20 3DS Roms into one micro sd card, the only way for switching game one by one to play is pressing the buttons continually, well, may be 20 times. So, for sky3ds+, the larger capacity not always the better choice. Here recommend you buy Sky3ds with 32GB micro sd card for the following reasons

  • Suitable Capacity: 3DS Roms won't be small. So the 8GB and 16GB sd cards are not enough for supporting more than 8 3DS Games. Among the Micro SD cards, 32GB is the proper one which can hold over 10 3ds games more or less
  • Avoid pressing all the time: 32GB SD card is better than 64GB or 128GB ones because of less pressing on buttons and more fast to change a game to play. For example, you can put your 5 favourite 3ds games into one of 16GB card and aother 10 3ds games into the other one. So you are more easy and convenient to play the 3DS Games with sky3ds card.
  • Good for physical button: Remember all the physical buttons is possible to break. So the less pressing, the better for sky3ds+.
On the ther hand, buy SKY3DS+ with 32G MIcroSD is a budget deal. Playing 15 to 20 3DS Games just cost you $133, but only the following six 3DS Games will charge you over $200. Which way is more favourable? Apparently the Sky3ds+ with MicroSD card is the better choice.

3DS Game Title Price for Retail Game Card SKY3DS+ Compatibility
Monster Hunter X $70.00 YES
Happy Home Designer $64.49 YES
Fire Emble IF $39.99 YES
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire $39.36 YES
Pokemon Omega Ruby $39.36 YES

The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes

$49.95 YES

Notice: This is just one samll part of 3DS games sky3ds+ support, rememeber that buy sky3ds with High capacity MicroSD card, users can play nearly All 3DS Games.

Video: SKY3DS+ firmware v140 released and working with Skydock



By Jdfxhfs A. on 29 Aug. 2018 :

Title : Fantastic!
Comment : Got here so fast, and work great, thank you so much
(Sky3ds+ Plus 32GB Micro SDHC)

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By Judy S. on 07 Apr. 2018 :

Title : work perfectly
Comment : Worked great and the kid's enjoy using it.

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By Watts R. on 24 March 2018 :

Title : Perfect experience
Comment : Receive a free skydock and get many 3ds game download codes from the seller, that is Awesome!

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By Vince M. on 27 Jan. 2018 :

Title : his is truly a great sky3ds seller.
Comment : Sky3ds+ arrives in U.S after 6 days of my order, customer service is very polite and kind, also you build a simple site to download 3ds roms, that's perfectly!

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By Clifford P. on 12 Jan. 2018 :

Title : A really creative Sky3ds+!
Comment : I was very happy with the speed of the package arrival, the sky3ds+ was also perfectly packed and I had no problem using it. I recommend it to anyone who are living in USA and want to buy a 3ds game flashcard.

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By Trinh L. on 16 Dec. 2017 :

Title : Thanks for the refund!
Comment : Hey, your site is great, I'm the one choose DHL for sending out the card but after shipping, I see you send from USA directly, then I get the shipping fee back. That's unbelievable! Thanks for being so honest and reliable.

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By Frez R. on 02 Dec. 2017 :

Title : All perfect.
Comment : Hello, first thanks for the speed of service, then and thanks for updating order from sky3ds to sky3ds+, you have made my niece son. Recommended, 10

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By Hil M. on 24 Nov. 2017 :

Title : Sky3ds+ for my 2ds xl
Comment : Fantastic Sky3ds, it is working perfectly, highly recommended site and super fast ...

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By Woodward J. on 18 Nov. 2017 :

Title : Support Pokemon Sun!
Comment : Use it to play Pokemon Sun and the card is supporting the card just like a retail game cartridge, I have to give it 5 stars.

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By Karby W. on 18 Nov. 2017 :

Title : Work on new 2ds xl v11.6
Comment : Card arrived, I set it up in some minutes and it works like you say, play many 3ds games such as the Pokemon Sun, a great card.

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By Leslie Z. on 02 Nov. 2017 :

Title : Free for Tax, that's awesome!
Comment : This is the first time I buy from overseas but not charged with Tax, you guys are very professional for shipping, thank you.

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By Sivia T. on 29 Sept. 2017 :

Title : Stargate 3ds or Sky3ds+?
Comment : Hi, do you know the Stargate 3ds?Should I buy it or your sky3ds plus card? Reply: Yes, I know, This flashcart is not launched out yet, if you want to buy a stable 3ds card in 2017, choose sky3ds+ not that one.

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By San D. on 14 Aug. 2017 :

Title : I can't expect more from you!
Comment : The user guide, game code and shipping from USA, you are the best flashcard online seller I've ever been experienced, many thanks and I will buy more from you again soon.

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By Mike . on 21 Jan. 2017 :

Title : Sky3ds+ and sd card both are working!
Comment : Received card within 1 week in USA, used them for 3 days already, until now nothing to complain, thanks. And can I get more game code?

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By Darin L. P. on 26 May 2016 :

Title : Card arrives after 3 days!
Comment : Confirmed, ship from USA, delivery with USPS service and finally I receive the card after order on May 24th.

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