Sky3ds+ Plus 64GB Micro SDHC

64GB SD Card with SKY3DS+ holds about  20 to 31 3DS Games. Sky3ds+ 3DS Card is out for supporting more 3DS Games, Homebrews and Easier Use. Now, buy Sky3ds+ Plus card with 64GB SD, you guys can play almost 100% 3DS Games to date, run homebrews and emulators on 3DS, and the new card with similar R4 installation, drap&play, no diskwriter any more!

Sky3ds+ Plus 64GB Micro SDHC



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SKY3DS+ 3DS Card

Sky3ds+ or Sky 3ds+, it is a new card from Like the former version, Sky3ds plus supports 3DS Games on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS consoles, compatible with all 3DS Firmwares even the latest 11.9.0-42 and with Multi-Rom function. The different points are as following.

  • Switch game back and forth by two orange buttons;
  • More easier to use,copy and play,no diskWriter required;
  • Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews;
  • AP checks solved;
  • Firmware updatable.

SKY3DS+ Plus Rom Download

  1. Buy Sky3ds+ Plus card from us SKY-3DS.COM.
  2. You will get 3DS/DS Rom download code in the E-mail with 2 days.
  3. Go to the website
  4. Search and find out the 3DS Game you want to download.
  5. Click the game, click download button, then input the code you receive in the e-mail.
  6. Everything is prepared, the downloading will begain smoothly!

No register, No virus, you can download 3DS/DS and in future GBA games in the Rom2station site savely and directly. Don't worry, we SKY-3DS.COM think everything for you! The Rom Download Service is exclusive to OUR Customers.

Why buy SKY3DS+ with 64GB MicroSD card from us?

  • Multiple Shipping options: US customers can get the product within 3-5 workding day(US based shipping). Other country customers use DHL express shipping. It' s the cheapest and fastest way. 3-7 working days to all over the world.
  • Tracking number included: We wil send you e-mail with the tracking number and link for checking delivery in the first time.
  • Full Game resource: We provide more than 1300+ free 3DS game source,you can download directly
  • First Class service: 7x24 hours online chat,emails will be reply within 24 hours(working days).
  • Full Refund support: If the product can' work we can change a new one or refund full money back.

SKY3DS+ Review: Compare with GW and Blue Sky3ds.

In 2016 and upcoming 2017, is the Sky3ds+ plus card the best one to buy for 3DS GAMES? In my opinion, the best is not for everyone, each of you has the own need and in different situation. Here compares Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds and  blue sky3ds cards for you. Hope you can find the one suits you mostly.

Price 97.5 87.5 70
3DS Firmware Compatibility 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS 11.5 to all lower versions. Same
  • 3DS/3DS XL: V4.1 to V9.2.
  • NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL: V8.9 to V9.2
  • 2DS: V6.2 to V9.2
3DS Game Compatibility New and Old 3DS Games Don't support 3DS Games with AP check. New and Old 3DS Games
Region Free(support other region 3ds games) NO NO YES
Emunand(emulate 3ds firmware with real os unchanged) NO NO YES
Homebrews YES NO YES
Firmware YES NO YES
Use Easiest to use, download, copy and play! Download, Flash and Play. Need Diskwriter tool.

Very complex to use.

  • For 3ds v4.1 to v4.5: Boot gw mode via setting up blue card firstly.
  • For 3ds v4.6 to v9.2: Boot gw mode via browsing the
  • For new 3ds/new 3ds xl: Boot gw mode with game save or official game card.



By Joseph C. on 06 Jan. 2018 :

Title : I personally recommend it.
Comment : Simple card .... To have absolutely !!!!! Taken as a gift for my 9 year old child was very welcome .... Easy and supports many games.
(Sky3ds+ Plus 64GB Micro SDHC)

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By Hugo C. on 08 Sept. 2017 :

Title : Ships from USA, confirmed!
Comment : They are really having Sky3ds+ and 64gb sd card in USA, you can trust them. My cards are shipping from U.S and are delivered after 6 days.

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By Culbert B. on 25 Aug. 2017 :

Title : Get a free skydock, thanks!
Comment : I'm very happy to get a free skydock, thanks much.If I buy another sky3ds+ card, can you send me a free one as well? That is for my friend in Mexico. Reply: Yes, we can.

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By John S. on 30 June 2017 :

Title : Fast shipping! Great Product!
Comment : Fast shipping and order was just as expected. Thank you!

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By Shane F. on 21 Jan. 2017 :

Title : I need the orange button version!
Comment : Please make sure I choose the orange button version and if this card is not from USA, I do not want it, thanks. I choose USPS service! Reply: Yes, do not worry. We are sending from U.S.

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