Stargate 3DS(DS&3DS Games)

Stargate 3DS which supports 3DS/NDS games on 3DS firmware consoles with plug&play method. It's a new revolution in the flashcart market ,a new 3ds flashcart to buy for 3DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DS XL/2DS consoles, and it looks like the best one for playing free games. Cause it's super easy to use and supports all games(3DS/DS).

Stargate 3DS(DS&3DS Games)


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Stargate 3DS Description

Stargate 3DS, the latest 3ds flashcard for New3DS/3DS/2DSXL released by card can support working with NTRBoot or Magnethax to run CFW(Boot9strap) on your FW V11.9 consoles.Stargate 3DS supports NDS, 3DS, GBA, SNES, NES and other games on any 3DS console with any firmware version, even the current firmware version v11.9. If you want to play both ds and 3ds games on 3DS 11.8, Stargate 3DS is a good flashcard for you to buy. It is also easy to use this card, just plug&play.It's already full in stock in our site, one of its official American dealers and we also can ship you this card from EU.

3DS Stargate News 

  • 29/03: New low price and high quality hardware testing!(March 29, 2018)

StarGate 3DS V2.0 is coming soon. New Stargate 3ds firmware v2.0 will be available to download and use. You can get more about Stargate 3ds V2.0 from here very fastly. (March 7, 2018)

  • 13/02: Stargate Manual V1.0( February 13, 2018)
  • 20/12: First Stargate update( December 20, 2017)

Stargate 3DS Features

  • Compatible with New3DS/New3DSXL/3DS/3DSXL/2DS/2DSXL 11.9.0-42 and below version
  • Support for DS roms
  • Support for 3DS roms
  • Support for GBA, NES, SNES, ... emulators
  • Support for ntrboothax / magnethax
  • DS mode GUI menu
  • High performance ultra low power SoC
  • Fully updatable
  • No need for complicated processes. No programming skills required. Just Plug & Play
  • With firmware, it can be updated to support new 3DS update or new functions.

Reasons to buy Stargate 3DS Flashcart

  • Support users to play Multi-rom on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS XL machines within only one cart
  • Support users to play All Games on Nintendo 3DS without firmware limitation
  • Support users to play Free games, run Homebrews, install CFW on their consoles within one card
  • It is plug and play, very suitable for children, flashcard or 3ds newbie or lazy gamers
  • It is your best money saving way to play 3DS/NDS games with one card price

User guide of Stargate 3DS

The official site is, you can download Stargate 3ds DS System files and follow its official User Guide from there. Stargate 3DS V2.0 is coming soon.Order from us, you can enjoy fast shipping, voucher code and paypal payment..

Stargate 3DS firmware download:

Stargate 3D is easy to set up and use, just play and plug.
Format a microSD card as FAT32, and download “system files” from the download part of Copy “system files” and 3DS/NDS games to your microSD card. Insert microSD card to Stargate 3DS, insert the Stargate 3DS into the 3DS console and turn it on.

By Summer A. on 16 Aug. 2018 :

Title : Easy to install!
Comment : It is a good gift for my son,he likes it very much!
(Stargate 3DS(DS&3DS Games))

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By Bob B. on 04 May 2018 :

Title : Five Stars
Comment : I like it very much.Quick delivery!

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By Ada D. on 04 May 2018 :

Title : Works great
Comment : I like it very much! It works very great and quickly!

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By Judy S. on 03 Apr. 2018 :

Title : I like this product
Comment : Sale was amazing and arrived after3 days. product perfectly and it works well.Thank you.

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