Xecuter SX Pro and OS

Xecuter SX Pro comes out, it's for hacking Nintendo Switch. With it, you can install CFW on any Switch firmware version and region consoles. It works on Nintendo Switch V6.2.0 and lower firmware versions to play roms or backups. Also, SX Pro supports microsd card to store and load multiple Nintendo Switch games. Order in SKY-3DS.COM, you can get the Xecuter SX Pro with the SX OS software license.

Xecuter SX Pro and OS




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Xecuter SX Pro comes out, it's made by TX as the first mochip for hacking Nintendo Switch. With it, you can install Custom Firmware(CFW) on any Switch firmware version and region consoles. It works on Nintendo Switch V6.2.0 to play free Switch game roms or backups. Also, Switch SX Pro supports microsd card to store and load multiple Nintendo Switch games. It supports to run the latest SX OS Beta 2.5.1 on Switch to play Thousands of free games via the External HDD support.

Attention: For those of you choose USPS in your order, SX Pro will be shipped from USA, but you need to wait for around 1 week to have it shipped. For the time being, we are waiting for the Forth Batch of SX Pro from Team Xecuter. So if you are urgently to hack your Nintendo Switch to play free games, get the SX OS License Code instead, thanks.No need for shipping and waiting!

Shipment Tips:

Now we don't support Free Shipping, only USPS, DHL and another cheap HK Shipment are allowed. 

Switch Xecuter SX Pro

Xecuter SX Pro is working on the Nintendo Switch console, it's the first-ever flashcard supporting CFW on all firmwares&regions of Nintendo Switch. This is the first in a line of "SX" products from Team Xecuter and includes the USB Dongle&SX OS software for hacking all the Switch console.

Xecuter SX Pro with SX OS is super easy to use on the Nintendo Switch, without any modifying or harmod. With it, you are no need to buy the pricey Nintendo Switch cartridges any more. Only a single Xecuter SX Pro and a microsd card enable you to download and play hunderds of free Switch games.

Xecuter SX Pro Compatibility

  • Firmwares: Currently, no restriction, SX works on all Nintendo Switch firmware versions, including the latest V6.2.0,6.1.0 and below versions
  • Consoles: Never to worry, Team Xecuter SX is supporting Switch from any regions.
  • Games:  No doubt that it plays retail card roms, and eshop .nsp files.1.

Team Xecuter SX Features

  1. The ultimate kit for your Nintendo Switch!
  2. Includes: USB dongle, tool (use once to install OS) and OS software license.
  3. Compatible with all regions.
  4. Compatible with all firmwares.
  5. Real time game switching.
  6. More features to be announced soon.
  7. Weight: (50g)

Xecuter SX Pro Facts

  • The SX Pro works on any Switch firmware from any region.
  • The SX Pro enables users to play any Nintendo Switch game on OS CFW.
  • The SX Pro supports Homebrews and Eshop games via booting OS to Switch.
  • The SX Pro allows games playing off a single Switch SD card.
  • The SX Pro is plug and play, simple to use.

Xecuter SX Pro with SX OS Video

The video shows off a dongle that connects to the Switch's USB type-C port and an accompanying device that attaches to the Switch's right-hand side Joycon rail. The Switch is then booted into a Team Xecuter custom firmware that shows the Switch running commercial backups and the ability to switch games in real-time

When and why to buy the Xecuter SX Pro?

SKY-3DS.COM is your reliable site to buy the SX Pro, all our SX Pro modchips are 100% from Team Xecuter. No fake and modchip test before shipping. As to why you should buy Switch Xecuter SXPro, here are many reasons.

  1. Xecuter SX Pro supports you play free Nintendo Switch games, no need to spend $50+ to buy those expensive game cartridges.
  2. Xecuter SX Pro enables you to install Custom Firmware, you will get homebrew on Nintendo Switch too later.
  3. Xecuter SX Pro lets you hold and play Hundreds of Nintendo Switch games on the console, it's your one card solution for playing free Switch games.
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(Xecuter SX Pro and OS)

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By Hope T. on 10 Nov. 2018 :

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By Lucy P. on 10 Nov. 2018 :

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