C2M or Classic 2 Magic for Classic SNES and NES

C2M or Classic 2 Magic, it's playing original SNES carts and roms on the SNES Mini. It also works with the NES Classic Eidtion for playing Super Famicom carts and supports 20 different retro systems games via emulation. It's In Stock and just order, you can get the Best Attachment or Adaptor for any SNES mini or NES Classic Edition!

C2M or Classic 2 Magic for Classic SNES and NES



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C2M or Classc2 Magic for Classic SNES&NES

Bringing retro gaming 'Magic' to your SNES Mini consoles!

The Classic 2 Magic is a simple SNES Classic Mini attachment that enables users to play and add more games (also ROMs) to Nintendo's small-sized hardware. Due out this September for $67.95, the device will allow you to dig out your old SNES cartridges, install and then play them directly on your SNES Mini. There's no region lock, either. Just plug & play! 

Installing the device to the system requires only the included USB cable and a power source, and does not require any soldering or modification to the SNES Classic. All its setup takes is a one-time, 2 minute installation and you're good to go.

It supports the ability to add additional emulators onto the SNES Classic Edition. While this has been previously achieved on the SNES Classic Edition by hacking the consoles, a device like this may make the process easier for more casual gamers. Some of the systems that have been successfully emulated using this device include various systems from Atari, Sega, NEC and SNK, alongside of specific systems like the Intellivision and Vectrex. It will also support emulation for handheld consoles as well as arcade cabinetry.

C2M Compatibility

  • This device works with the SNES Classic Mini Edition and 8-bit NES/Famicom Classic Mini Editions (and the Weekly Shōnen Jump) systems as well.
  • This devide supports both SNES and Super Famicom carts, any SNES cartridge from any region as well.

Classc 2 Magic Setup and Videos

Download the software via the USB drive and install it on the C2M which takes roughly two minutes to complete. Then insert your favorite game into the C2M’s slot, boot up your system, and chose the first option. Voila! You can now play your physical SNES cartridges. Check out the handy installation video below.

C2M Features and Functions

  • Support on Super Famicom Classic Mini, NES Classic Edition, Famicom Classic Mini, or Gold Famicom Classic Mini.
  • Compatible with original Super Nintendo cartridges, but it will also support any SNES cartridge from any region as well.
  • Allows you to play backup game ROM images for the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom via the built in USB drive
  • Lets you add extra emulator systems such as NES, Gameboy, master system, as well as Roms.
  • Supports unlimited customization for advanced users.
  • Secure and easy to use for anyone

Classic 2 Magic, why to buy for Super NES Classic Edition?

Super NES Classic Edition The plug and play console allows you to play a pre-programmed catalog of 21 SNES games using modern television hardware. Despite the success, the only way to add additional games to the console was by means of hacking, which has been proven more difficult when compared to the similar NES Classic Edition. But the C2M will change that, by offering an alternative method to load extra games onto these systems, by means of ROM image uploads or original Super NES cartridges.

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Title : product works great
Comment : Awesome product works great,and It is worth mentioning that logistics is also fast
(C2M or Classic 2 Magic for Classic SNES and NES)

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